The best way to reach any of us is e-mail. Attorney e-mail addresses can be found at the Who We Are link. We all are working from our cell phones and also have our toll-free conference line available for multi-party calls. And we all have access to our electronic document systems and most historical client data.

As of 3/24/2020, we have phone coverage on our office phones, so if you need to reach us by phone, call the office – (734) 662-0222 – and the person staffing that line will pass your message on to the appropriate person. You can also try leaving a voicemail, but since these are retrieved remotely only sporadically, e-mail is a more reliable method.

We are monitoring business developments relating to paid and unpaid leave, unemployment benefits and the governor’s orders for sheltering in place, and will post advice of general applicability as soon as possible.

Please see our general guidance on these subjects here:

Please contact Nadia Little at Nadia@fw-pc.com if you need to consult on these issues.

We have researched and developed best practices for signing estate plan documents during this period of social distancing. Witnesses and notaries add significant credibility to a signature on a document, but are not always necessary for validity, and even when they are needed, the law often provides work-arounds for when witnesses and notaries cannot be used. We will advise you on the best process to follow – having some document in place that expresses your intent is always better than nothing

In short, we are trying to maintain business as usual as much as possible. If you need to make contact, either for new work, the status of work already underway, or just to achieve peace of mind, please feel free to contact us. Click on Who We Are for e-mail addresses.

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